Concrete Flooring – guaranteed durability

Considering Concrete Flooring?

Concrete flooring offers advantages including durability, elegance, energy savings, low maintenance, and water resistance. Here is a brief explanation of the main benefits of installing this sort of flooring inside your residential or commercial building with the help of a qualified concrete contractor.

Guaranteed Durability

Acid-stained concrete floors provide heavy capacity wear. Because of the high compressive strength that is greater than 4,000 psi, they cannot flake, buckle, or warp. Installed correctly, these floors usually do not fade, peel or become discolored and heavy foot traffic, children and pets cannot damage this type of flooring. Hence, you might never need to carry out a repair or replacement if your floor is installed by a concreting professional. The lifespan of this type of floor exceeds that of other floor surfaces like hardwood, tiles, or carpeting.

Beauty and Style

With professional design and installation from AAA Concreting, you’ll be able to turn floors created from concrete into elegant masterpieces. Concrete is receptive to acid stains, so it is possible to produce flooring that looks like very expensive materials such as marble, travertine, granite or flagstone. A relatively easy single-color acid stain can indeed create a unique mixture of texture and tone that can fit perfectly into various interior designs. The truth is, many stone floors could be reproduced with acid coloring as well as concrete stencilling and sawing techniques.

Energy Savings

Concrete includes a unique property known as thermal mass. It has a large capacity to take, store, and gradually release either cold or heat. Hence, concrete’s thermal mass helps you to regulate indoor temperature, reducing the need for air cooling, heating and ventilating equipment. However, the power savings from concrete only comes when it is exposed. Covering the concrete with tiles, carpeting or hardwood will reflect and dissipate both cold and heat. Concrete’s thermal mass provides energy savings of between 15 to 25% per annum. To further improve the energy saving, we help our clients to put in radiant heating. Radiant heating emits heat to people, furniture, and also other objects in the room without elevating room temperature.

Low Maintenance

Beyond the energy savings, floors crafted from concrete need minimal maintenance to preserve their beauty and magnificence. Unlike carpets that require frequent cleaning, tiles that need regular cleaning of grout lines, and hardwood floors which need regular waxing, concrete only requires sweeping and mopping. Buffing and polishing are usually necessary for high traffic areas, but you can do this quickly. Additionally, concrete allows you to just wipe off any liquid if it spills and it doesn’t produce stains or odors.

Water Resistance

Acid-stained concrete just isn’t adversely impacted by water. That is contrary to other floors like carpeting that grows mold, tiles that de-laminate, and wood that decays. When acid-stained floors or decorative concrete overlays are professionally installed, they can easily withstand the results of high humidity, water spills, and flooding. This is why concrete is the best option for basement floors. They will withstand the extra dampness found in many basements along with the flooding that may occur during severe rainstorms.

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