Hiring Certified Arborists in Chicago IL


When a tree near you is diseased or damaged, then it possess a life threatening danger to you or any other person nearby. For this reason, you need to get professional certified arborist Chicago IL and Tree Removal Services expert to eradicate this risk from your premises. The market today has been filled by so many people who claim to offer Tree Removal Services, but only a few are genuine. If you have been wondering where to acquire these services at a professional level, then wonder no more. Get a fully Certified Arborist who offer professional tree removal services at a very affordable rate. If you have been tarmacking all over without getting a proper solution, then the solution lies with us.

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Hiring and Arborist in Chicago will not make you dig too deep into your pockets, because our rates and charges are very pocket friendly, unlike what other tree service providers may offer. We are always prompt and never waste any second getting to you, because we understand that your satisfaction lies in our hands.

We are fully licensed insured and certified, therefore, you will not have to doubt our credibility when you need our services. In case of any injuries or damages, you will not be liable because our insurance company will cover it all. Make us your only Tree removal service provider and leave to enjoy very satisfactory and affordable services.

We also have reputable customer service representatives, of whom you are free to consult in case of any issues. They offer our services 24 hours a day, 7 day a week including weekends and holidays. We therefore are always available for you at any time.

Getting an arborist  to so your tree services at times may be very challenging. This is because, sometimes you may get unqualified individuals who might mess up with your property. Therefore, always do your research properly before falling for any tree service provider. We offer the best Tree Removal Services and fully qualified certified arborists in Chicago IL, therefore don’t waste time looking for the services from anywhere else. We are ready and fully equipped for you!!


Protecting Your Trees From Pests

5 Ways to Guard Your Trees This Spring

An expert once said “Healthy trees don’t just happen overnight”, which is true if you have been in your garden watering and mulching. Trees require great care and maintenance, the best time to get outside and garden is in spring. Once in a while you should go and inspect your plants and trees for any diseases and look out for pests. Trees if not cared for properly might get diseased and spread it. Which is why pruning is done to give the trees a little boost after a harsh winter.  The following expert advice is brought to you by: http://dublintreesurgeon.com

5 Ways to Protect Your Garden – Having a good landscape and giving it the perfect look, you have to know about the 5 ways to get ahead of any pests or diseases. These will help you always.

1 Clean Up

“Get up and Clean”, key number one. The new season is bound to make you clean, for trees you might want to kick it up a notch. Remove any remains of the harsh weather, a storm might have spoiled your tree’s health. Cleaning not only allows you to see clearly and examine your trees better but also gives more room to grow.

2 Mulch And Water

Mulching always best to get rid of weeds, easiest and most commonly used technique. It helps the soil retain moisture and helps the younger trees. Mulch from time to time to allow the trees to grow deeper and stronger. A 3-inch thick layer around the tree is good, it will hold moisture and heat which will get rid of diseases such as canker. Watering the plants and trees in by far the most important step when taking care in spring. Water everything from time to time, the soil needs it and so does the trees.

3 Prune

The ideal time to prune is during winter dormancy, wait till the trees leaves fall and prune away. Get rid of all the dead branches and give the tree a new look every spring. Take a look at the important of pruning here.

4 Inspect

The right time to get a close look at your trees for any pests or signs of diseases as the leaves have not yet appeared. Make sure you consult a specialist too in this matter.

5 Learn About Common Pests and Diseases

The pests and diseases commonly known in your tree type should be checked in spring. Get information and look for possible signs. A good way to start is to inspect the tree and if anything seems suspicious consult your local Tree Surgeon for more advice on how to protect your garden and to deal with any potential dangerous trees for winter sets in and the costs maybe far higher .

Choosing A Real Christmas Tree for Your Home

5 Things to Consider Before you Buy

I lay out five simple facts I have learned about real Christmas trees. There are many myths about live Christmas trees which are based on more assumption than fact. My goal is not to tell you what you should do, but rather to list these five points, so you too can make your informed judgments about the safety of real Christmas trees in your home.

1: A wet Christmas tree is safe; a dry Christmas tree is not.

A wet Christmas tree is a tree which is properly watered on a daily basis. Keeping a real tree watered means the tree retains moisture, and it is near impossible to start a fire on a wet tree. To help put this in perspective, if you were to start a small campfire, would you look for moist wet twigs and branches from a live tree or would you look for dead dry twigs and branches? For anyone who has been camping, you know the best way to start a fire is to use dry wood. The drier the wood, the quicker it can be used to create a fire and we know this is crucial to being able to cook a decent dinner or cup of coffee. Why would this not also be true for a Christmas tree? Keep it well watered, and you will drastically reduce the risk of your Christmas tree catching on fire.

2: Heat sources will dry out a Christmas tree.

Heat sources can be any fireplace (not just wood fires), radiators, space heaters, stoves, ovens and even candles. These heat sources will cause a real tree to become dry. The faster a tree dries, the quicker it dies. As a tree loses its moisture, it will become less resistant to fire. Therefore, keep your tree away from any heat source, and you will enjoy a healthy green Christmas tree throughout the holiday weeks. In regards to artificial trees, they can not “dry” out; however, they too should not be placed near heat sources. Artificial trees made of plastics and chemicals which are not fire proof and therefore still a fire hazard.

3: A well-watered Christmas tree will stay healthy but not last forever.

However, the 8th tree could not catch on fire at all with a single match. They then set an entire box of matches on fire, and that too could not ignite the tree. Only when they used an open flame with a propane torch did it ignite briefly and then itself extinguished when the light was moved away! In my humble opinion, I can not imagine any artificial tree manufacturer claiming their trees would produce the same results, do you? Therefore, under the proper conditions of watering your tree daily, away from heat sources, you can expect your real Christmas tree to be healthy, vibrant and safe through the holidays.

When your tree starts dropping needles and turning brown, remove it from the house and dispose of it properly. Live Christmas trees do not last forever, they will eventually die.

4: Live Christmas trees can be recycled, artificial trees can not.

I have yet to meet a person opposed to recycling. I do not have to be an environmental fanatic to dislike the idea of throwing something away that will not disintegrate for nearly a thousand years if not more. A real tree when its time is up can be chopped and recycled. Even if it is picked up by your local sanitation worker, the tree will be taken to a landfill and will decompose the way trees are supposed to. Artificial trees do not rot because they made of materials such as plastic, and plastics will not decompose, at least in this millennium.

5: Christmas tree farms are NOT devastating our tree supply.

In an industry which survives on selling trees, businesses need to make sure their supply is always available. Therefore those that grow the trees, often wholesalers, often plant two trees for every one tree that removed. Not only is that simply good business sense, but it is reassuring to know that indeed, no forests are being devastated by the real Christmas tree industry.